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Spring has sprung!

At last the recent snowfall has retreated and I do believe spring is here.  Sadly my little pine trees did not make it, although where there is green there may be hope--never say die!

The last snowfall--I believe we are now done with winter.
Jim and I went to the Twins game on Friday.  It was cold, but we had a great time...and the Twins won!  We took the train to the ballpark and it was a nice ride.  I think about the hours I spent riding trains in Europe and it brings back fond memories.  My little cap kept my noggin warm.  It is the one I made for Stitch and Pitch in 2009 and then was published last year in 60 Quick Knits from America's Yarn Shops as a child's hat.

It was a treat to see real grass!  It was a record cold day for a game.

We managed to find snow in the stands.

Toward the last innings the clouds cleared and there was a beautiful blue sky.
MiniD and bunny.

Little bunny found a spot in the wood pile.
Found on my run.  The seed pod is a lovely brown and the seeds are green.  I love the color combination.
The bands and collar are removed.  I will secure and cut off the bottom band extensions.  The quality of the photo is not up to par, as I took it with my phone.  Time to charge the better camera!
Soaking the yarn to relax it and allow it to bloom.
Outside of knitting and spinning, I have been busy with Grey Wolf NYLT (National Youth Leadership Training).  Our last development weekend was this month.  The staff is on target with their presentations and it is fun to watch them fine tune their processionals and songs.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for Easter.  Ben came up at lunchtime.  I am blessed to have a wonderful family.  Jim and Ben took a bike ride and I went for a long walk.  It is now time to run with the weather getting warmer.  I need to get used to the heat and train for the Philmont trek.

Classes at Amazing Threads are going well and I enjoy the students.  There is always something to learn!  Tonight is the Monkey Jacobus class, our third session.  The Dacite class went well.  Everyone chose the Kenzie yarn in lovely colors.  It will be fun to watch their progress.  Samples in the works are Fjord wrist warmers, Pigment, illusion circle, Koigu beaded hat, and double knitting.  I am particularly excited to meet Sally Melville this weekend.  I hope she brings the Little Black Vest, as I will have that as an upcoming class.  Next on the agenda is to get a class or two at Anoka Fiber Works.  I have an idea for a polymer clay project and I have to work up a successful sample--make it work!

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